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Chronicles of a Bookaholic Wannabe (Part 2)

At the beginning of the second quarter of the year, I had planned to read, Michelle Obama’s “Becoming,” T.D Jakes’ “The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord,” and Trevor Noah’s “Born a crime.” They ended up as wishes and goals which I hope to still achieve as time goes by. As you can as well guess, I read none. Started with “Becoming,” the first month passed by, hadn’t finished reading it but I was determined to get this book ticked off my list so I let it spill into the second month, still not finished – not even half-way. Determined to get it done with and somehow hopeful that I could crash read two other books (remember how much of a slow reader I am), I let it spill into the third month. Good news is, I’m still not done with the book, a little past mid-way.

There’s something about setting deadlines and making yourself accountable. It gives you a sense of responsibility and discipline. With exams lurking, 3-books-a-month resolution ticking, involvements in A-T-4-G project ACTS (see last post to catch-up), I knew it was time to do the needful – push those wishes aside and go for my reality:

1.) I changed my initial books of choice, so as to beat the deadline. From the aforementioned books to Karen Kingsbury’s “Once upon a campus,” Myles Munroe’s “The Power of Praise and Worship,” Karen Kingsbury’s “Divine” and Adzege Faeren’s “A Teen for God” (don’t even give me that look).

2.) I didn’t let the size of the newly found books make me feel like I had under-achieved. From a 186 paged book to a 20 paged book, the most important thing was that I was keeping to my resolutions.

3.) Rest if you must but don’t quit. The key is to keep moving. Remember, baby steps. A snail may be slow but not stagnant.

I must reiterate:

4.) Have an accountability partner. The thought that I had to give a report at the end of the quarter made me all the more dedicated.

5.) Take on books your size. Need I say more?


I am all the more determined to finish reading “Becoming” this month, with the hope of reading other books in August and September. Have I made a list of the other books I’ll like to read? No, no need – let the months unfold.

For those who haven’t read the blog post on “Chronicles of a Bookaholic – Part 1”, you may wish to refer to the second post before this to catch-up. Well, I can only hope that when I put up part 3, a lot would have been achieved. Do wish me luck and while you are at it, make every second count!

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Project ACTS!

A Teen for God (A-T-4-G) presents Project “ACTS” 2019 (“Assist a Child To School” – a scheme aimed at lending a helping hand to those in need).

All interested candidates are to write and submit an essay on the topic, “MY EFFORTS IN MAKING MY LIFE, FAMILY AND SOCIETY BETTER IN SPITE OF LIFE’S CHALLENGES.”

Submission Deadline – 11th July, 2019

Early submission – 4th July, 2019

Late submission – 11th July, 2019

(additional points for early submissions)

Shortlist to be announced – 18th July, 2019

Winner to be announced – 25th July, 2019

Winner’s prize: One-year scholarship for 2019/2020 academic session



-Must be between the ages of 11 and 18

-Must be attending a state government or community secondary school in Benue state or the FCT, Nigeria

-Can be any student from JS1 to SS2



Hard copy – to representatives of A-T-4-G in your region.

Soft copy – send an email to with a Microsoft Word format of the essay.



  • Entrants should submit only ONE essay (maximum limit – 2000 words).
  • The essay MUST be about real-life situations i.e. not false or plagiarised.
  • When writing the essay:
  • The heading should read, “Project ACTS 2019”
  • The title of your work should read, “My efforts in making my life, family and society better in spite of life’s challenges.”
  • The body of the text should be well paragraphed.
  • Marking scheme – content, grammar, spelling & punctuation, adherence to rules and early submission (50 marks).
  • Shortlisted candidates WILLbe required to present proof of eligibility.

For questions/more details, contact us via:

Telephone – +2348059583093 +2347068479354, +79064655239

E-mail –


A Teen for God is an organization interested in reaching out to teenagers spiritually, emotionally, academically (career wise), mentally and socially. Project ACTS seeks to realise an aspect of this. Calling on everyone who needs this opportunity (and meets the criteria) to take part. Feel free to share with loved ones who need the opportunity as well.

With a little more love, care, support and encouragement, our world will sure be a better place – because, investing in today’s teens (youths) will make a beautiful and purpose-filled generation.

flyer4flyer online

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Chronicles of a Bookaholic Wannabe! (Part 1)

Reading books was never really my hobby. I despised them and, on some days, I still do. Why? I get bored real quick. I prefer chit-chats and just anything more active and noisier.

With time, I began to see that my participation in the chit-chats was quite basic, no exposure, no weight – like I was in 1917 and my counterparts were already in 3017. There was this yearn to be exposed too, to sound sophisticated, to use words like ‘rondavel’, ‘librocubicularist’, ‘haiku’, ‘comeuppance’ and more, in my speech and also have people marvel (call me vain but you know this feeling too). I knew that there were things my colleagues were doing (to be this exposed) that I wasn’t doing. One thing I knew, they watched movies and READ BOOKS! Sadly, I did none of these – so I had little or nothing intelligent to contribute to discussions on ‘Animal Farm’, ‘Things Fall Apart’, ‘Harry Porter’, world wars (history) and lots more.

Prior to this time, I had heard a lot about the benefits of reading, how life’s greatest secrets were hidden in books, yada yada yada. Then, at some point, I found the urge to be far more, to know more, to learn more – outside the scope of medicine. I kept working towards it and by the end of 2018, decided to take the urge from a feeling to reality. So, I came up with a plan to work on my non-existent reading life:

I defined my genre of books. This happened unconsciously, to be honest. I realised I am more inclined (but not limited) to biographies, memoirs and Christian books – non-fiction basically. I discovered that I would read these books and not get bored. Thus, I found out that reading and books were not the culprit for boredom but the choice of books I chose to read.

I set very realistic goals (one book a month – start date January 2019). To ensure I do not do the ‘New Year resolution and drop’ thing, I have been active on achieving this. I’ve read three books so far: Mark Lukach’s ‘My Lovely Wife In the Psych Ward’, Myles Munroe’s ‘Waiting and Dating’ and Karen Kingsbury’s ‘When We Were Young’. #proud smile#

I gave myself a deadline for each page, section, chapter – this gave me a sense of responsibility, discipline and hunger to bit the deadline. This also helped me not to get bored when I felt the chapter was too long. I would read one section of the chapter per sitting, take a break, refresh and resume (snail steps but better a snail to no snail at all, right?)

I took on books my size – and cheated a bit to meet my deadline! I planned to read Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ in February, gave myself a plan – one chapter per day for 24 days. Mid-February and I still had not started reading the over 900 paged book. Eventually started reading the book 10 days to February’s end – couldn’t get past the first chapter – I began to feel overwhelmed, like I was being defeated. Well, I closed the book, took Myles Munroe’s 160 paged ‘Waiting and Dating’ so I could successfully tick off my second book for the year. I finished the book in five days. #another proud smile#

I got myself an accountability partner: by writing this post, sharing it and letting the whole world read it, that is. This automatically means I should be back with an update on the three books I’ve read at the end of the next quarter of 2019 – hmmm.

This isn’t a gold standard for anyone (at least not yet), but it has worked for me so far.

Reading Michelle Obama’s Becoming has been scheduled for later this year.

I read two books in 2018 (Max Lucado’s “A love worth giving” and Paul Kalanithi’s “When breath becomes air”), the goal for 2019 is to read AT LEAST 12 books.

I hope this encourages someone to embrace reading!


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You’ll Do Just Fine!

Two months into 2019 and it may seem like you jump-started the year, like you need a restart or something more pacifying. We try to be hopeful that the next month will be better – I mean, January and February were a recovery phase from Christmas, new year, even Valentine’s day and all celebrations. If you’re like me, you’ll most likely be having a panic attack by now – you probably haven’t saved as you planned, haven’t been able to keep to resolutions or work on your character as you hoped, your year/future is still not mapped out and all your thoughts keep bugging you.

I’ve had this friend who would always tell me, “you’ll do just fine. I believe you’ll do just fine.” I used to be very, very, upset at this statement. I mean, after what seemed to me as days (ok I exagerate, but you get the point) of me complaining, sulking, being devastated, pouring my whole heart out, all you have to tell me is the now cliché, “you’ll do just fine”? Thanks for nothing friend. It would have been better to talk to a wall sef… Sigh!

After the phase I complain about seems to have passed, I analyze and realise that I actually did just fine. It’s like the Heavens aligned in my favour (but I just wasn’t aware). Everything passes and I survive it with smiles, accomplishments, fulfilment. The statement begins to make more sense to me, it’s now more soothing than a pain.

Unapologetically, having found a deeper, meaning to the statement, I’ve come to be that annoying friend today who’ll go cliché on you. You may not see the full picture yet, you may not have saved as much as you hoped, or worked on your resolutions/character as you would have loved to. You may not have your year/future mapped out as precisely as you want, or even none of all these, but, “You’ll be fine. I believe you’ll do just fine.”

“It’s okay to be confused, it’s okay to not have it all together at once, it’s okay. This is life, not a math problem with straight forward answers.”

So, enjoy the rest of the year knowing that “YOU WILL DO JUST FINE!”

With love,


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Carrying over Crosses.

New Year’s eve had me feeling all sorts of ways: underachieved as a result of twisted relationships, a whole lot of failed friendships I could swear my goodluck charm had been stolen, even being alone in a foreign land while my family celebrated in unison, happiness and good food, just made me feel… EMPTY.

As usual, there were a lot of “2019 this, 2019 that” stories flying around. For some reason, the last days of 2018 had almost everyone on my social media talking about cutting off (toxic) people or not entering the New Year with garbage, but I could not just relate. Felt like I was entering the New Year with so much garbage, unsettled issues, hence, my feelings of underachievement. Sigh!

I culled my inspiration from a friend who said, “you must not necessarily see them as garbage that you are crossing over with. Maybe it’s a process and you are taking conscious efforts and gradual decisions”

Her words were so soothing, I began to see the garbage differently – as lessons instead. It felt better, I felt better, relieved and at peace.

All the time, we get so fanatical with the whole “New Year, New Page” charade that we become depressed if/when it doesn’t feel like we’re starting a “Fresh Life” in a “Fresh Year”. I mean, what you’re going through could be a process that isn’t meant to finish on the last day of the old year, you probably may not have finished learning all there is to learn from that ‘garbage’.

So, please, before you kill yourself with the feeling that it’s a New Year with Old Year garbage, remember that your life is a process, not like your clock that just turned 31st December to 1st January in a split second. Most importantly, learn through the process and when it’s time for a fresh start (new phase), you’ll know.

A Happy New Year to you.

May 2019 be amazing.

With love, A-T-4-G!

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A TeeTan For God!

I wake up to mum’s beckon

Son, will you get down here quickly?

My life flashes with careless reckon

Even as I walk down briskly.

I forget to say a prayer,

My day starts anyway.

Errands to run, chores to fulfill

Assignments knocking on my door

A demanding world and all her ill

My life can’t be more sore.

I forget to say thank you,

To God who made life this way.

Ten years down the line or more

Catches me overwhelmed with life

Responsiblities pile, deadlines roar

Was I really born for all this strife?

I still forget to just be grateful,

I’m alive – that should be okay.

A Teetan for God is who I am, I dare say,

I’m not perfect, heck I don’t even pray everyday,

But in His eyes, I’m still worth dying for to save.

I may be stubborn, vile, sometimes gross

Stray a little while trying to carry my cross

But God loves me all the same and that’s what matters most!

A TeeTan For God (A-T-4-G) ministry is all about reaching out to teens and titans (youths) to make us bask in the joys that come with knowing God, serving Him and living in His purpose, using our gifts and talents to reach out to everyone. A little love, support, encouragement and our world will sure be a better place – because investing in today’s teens/youths will make a beautiful and purpose filled generation.

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Attaining a Silver Star!

For my 25th, 18.10.2018. The months roll on fast, but the words remain. A late post.

Two months to my birthday, I have it all planned – the big 25. I feel like I’m the first to ever be it. The first to be 25. So, it has to be grand. A three-tier cake, beautiful dinner dresses, nails done, hair made and a really fancy photo shoot. A captivating article as well on the blog to accompany the pictures.

Three weeks to my birthday, I’m making calls here and there, setting things in motion, nothing could ever go wrong, or so I thought.

Two weeks to go, the universe suddenly remembers me for evil: I’m denied a trip to a conference where my hair would have been made. I’m told to change hostels within two days, I lose money in the most conspicuous ways, everything comes crashing: there goes all my plans – nails, hair, cake, dresses, photo session – gone!

The day comes and it actually blows my mind. The love, the gifts, the deep prayers, the heartfelt messages, even the pictures I neglected because it was not a $1000 camera that shot them – everything turns out grand all the same, not how I expected but breath-taking, leaving me elated. Reminds me that our plans may not always work out as we want but God never fails to make things very beautiful for us in the end.

In honour of 25, I got my friends and acquaintances to interview me (feeling celebrity-ish). Considering I love to share with you, here’s giving you a good idea of it all:

What inspires you to do better and be better (What’s your driving force)?
A lot of things actually – the fear of being regular – lol, living/dying without fulfilling purpose, the yearn for a better life for myself and people around me. My world expects the world from me – I cannot come and go and fall their hand.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I haven’t even seen myself in tomorrow and you ask about 10 years – wawu! Let me try, I should be a practicing doctor, fulfilling “A Teen for God” ministry. I should be married with 2/3 yard people. Please, don’t come after me in case I’m doing none of these in 10 years o, change is constant. Most importantly and definitely, I would have grown positively in all spheres of my life.

What life goal can you comfortably say you have attained?
So many to pick from but let me reveal one of my many secrets today, Schooling abroad. It is a mark I am proud of. Little as it may be to some people, it is something I am grateful to God for. The dreams, the prayers, the faith, the demands I made, the God that pulled it through, oh not forgetting the MISCHIEF involved (choosing a course that I could convince people especially my parents to study abroad! Hehe, don’t get me wrong o, I love medicine, but it was also a means to self satisfaction). And the universe was also in my favour as University of Ilorin decided to offer me a degree in Food Science as opposed to the Medicine I applied for. If I got admission to study Medicine then, I probably would have been there now. Just lukat God!

Why are you studying medicine?
I don’t wonna bore you with clichés of, “to heal the sick, raise the dead, touch lives, restore humanity” yada yada yada. To be real, medicine just feels right – for my personality, ministry and life’s goals. Sometimes, the view is hazy but one day at a time, right?

How’s it been in Russia, so far?
Bitter-sweet! There have been really sad days but I can say without doubt that God has favoured me so much, it’s been a reveling, sweet and sour experience. Oh, how can I forget, sneaking around like thieves to worship and five years of not celebrating Christmas? Not cool at all but fun experiences as well.

What are you most afraid of?
Getting it wrong in life. Failure without recovery.

What’s the most difficult phase of your life so far, that God showed up and proved Himself beyond your expectation?
Every med school exam season, it’s always a story upon another – hehehe.

How have you handled relationships and is there any special guy in the picture?
Hmmmmm, relationships… It’s been a tupsy -turvy experience for me. Really can’t say whether I handled them perfectly, after all there’s no marking scheme. What I do know is that I’ve learnt well from them – enough lessons to pull me through the next successfully – I hope. There’s no guy in the picture (team Jesus Baby – no, I’m not accepting applications, tenkyiu!)

How do you balance education with extracurricular activities?
Time management – lol – me that loves sleep more than anything else. It’s not been as perfect but I try. It could be a movie night, an evening out with friends or something of the like. One thing I try not to do is misplace priorities, doing the right things at the right times I guess.

Do you have any weaknesses at all?
When I’m not God, how won’t I have weaknesses? I know I can worry/overthink for Africa and the whole world sef. I love too deeply, can we call it a weakness? I have a really hard time making up my mind (today it’s A, tomorrow it’s 5). I still don’t know how to ride a bicycle and I procrastinate sometimes, ok maybe a lot. Don’t even judge me or else…

Well, those were the questions and my honest answers.

I am using this opportunity to send a message to everyone who celebrated me even in the minutest of ways and to my friends who made this post possible by asking me questions: THANK YOU! :*

I know it’s almost two months past my birthday, thought to cancel this post as a whole but someone said to me, “You’re still alive, you still are 25, the date doesn’t make it less important.” So, here we are! Have an amazing year and here’s wishing you a most beautiful December.

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Nails, Plans and His Will.

Ever had one of those moments when you are trying to do something important in the ways you know how and nothing just seems to be clicking yet you have to keep pushing because you have to do what you have to do no matter what?

It was one of those weekends where you have to do a million things in no time – a Friday, I had a flight scheduled for Sunday. I desperately needed to get my nails done before my trip. However, I hadn’t booked any specialist earlier so I knew how difficult finding a professional by that time would be. Still, I tried my luck. To be honest, I had very, very little faith.

I called my usual nail specialist, she was booked the whole weekend. I called my once-in-a-blue moon specialist, there was no space till the next two weeks. Suddenly, money didn’t seem to be an issue any more. I mean, I couldn’t travel without ticking this off my list. Who does that? So, I called the otherwise expensive specialist, she said she would be available that weekend and just when I wanted to dance, she added that it would be on Sunday though! The same day as my trip – sigh!

I was running out of options. I started asking friends, friends of friends, even enemies (okay, I exaggerate there but you get the point) to connect me with their specialists. I got a couple of phone numbers here and there, placed some calls but good fortune seemed to be on vacation that weekend. I mean, did all the ladies suddenly decide to get their nails done that same weekend???
I took the search online and even dropped my standards: I just needed anyone who knew how to use a nail file and all those other nail equipment. I was getting desperate – anything was better than nothing. The search online proved futile, the manicure people weren’t picking their calls or responding to messages. I kept on searching, asking more friends and hoping on God to make a way. I even thought maybe God didn’t just want me to get my nails done… Sigh!

Some time later – after a thousand calls, messages and turn downs, a friend sent me a contact to call, a routine I had quickly gotten tired of. I called without enthusiasm. Not only did I get this one available, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I had a lot of options to choose from. I picked the date and time of my choice. I was amazed and even feared that the specialist wasn’t a good one since she had so much free time – I mean, all the other “maestro” specialists were booked for the weekend. But, I had no choice really, did I?

My appointment was on Saturday morning by 09:00. I got there by 09:10 a.m and I was beyond amazed to be done by 10:30 a.m. The thing is, with my regular specialists, I never had a session less than four hours. But this time, I not only saved two hours and forty minutes of my time, I also saved a lot of money as this lady had rates far below what I was used to. This made me question the quality of her work before the outcome. On a side note, when I asked why she was so fast, she said she had mastered the job and knew her work well – such pomposity, I guess it comes with knowing your skill and knowing it well. Also, after doing my math, I figured that with such speed, cheaper rates and more clients, she’d make more profit than the more priced specialists who spent four hours per client.

In the end, everything that played out from the Friday morning to the Saturday afternoon when I was done with the nails, made me believe all the more that God has even better plans than we have for ourselves. Here I was trying my best to get those people I was used to while even seeking expensive options, when God knew exactly what I needed at that moment – to save money and most especially time – in which He made available a perfect answer to my needs.

You may be used to business as usual, you may be used to a particular level of interaction/procedure with God, but when He is ready to change it for you, just follow (even if blindly). He always, always does what is best for us and in our own interest. Just leave it to Him, He’s got you handled and covered. I mean, He knows the end from the beginning. God’s got you!

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Futile Wanderings

It was two hours to our performance at the concert. I had a lot of things unticked on my to-do list but frantically searching for my costume for the whole two hours wasn’t one of them.

I checked my big box shallowly and when the search proved futile, I had to bring down the box (which was heavy by the way) to continue the search. I searched this time turning everything upside down but my costume was still far from reach and time ticked on.

I proceeded to look in my smaller box. I took out all my neatly folded clothes and added to the thirty-minutes ago formerly organised room, yet I didn’t find my costume.

I passed by my wardrobe, passively looking for my costume there. I was almost certain it wasn’t there, so I wasn’t totally disappointed when I didn’t find it there as well.

Then I started asking everyone, even went out of my room to ask other people, like we share clothes or something. This took my time and still ended with a negative outcome. No one knew where my costume was – I really didn’t expect them to anyway. By this time, I had already started considering other options, but that wasn’t even going to be possible, as my other two colleagues in the crew had their costumes ready for the performance. What to do?

I decided to search my wardrobe again, this time thoroughly. What would you know, my dress was folded neatly at the bottom of the wardrobe (just as I had kept it the last time after use) waiting for me to come get it. By this time, I was left with ten minutes to the time of my performance, a terribly disorganised room and a lot of stuff on my to-do list undone. I couldn’t help but be mad… At myself!

As I walked to the concert venue, I played the whole scenario in my head and some truth just hit me about the whole search:

When you do not have a walk with God, you waste your time, energy and resources looking for answers to things that God has provided answers to. But, you do not even dine with Him enough to know that the answers have been made available, you do not even commune with Him to know what these answers are or where they are so what happens? You keep running around in circles, searching everywhere but the right place, wasting everything possible for things that you should readily have, save for your ignorance.

Furthermore, you may have had a walk with God before but paused/cut communication with Him, thus leading to a form of memory regression – you forget His promises to you, His assurance or even His blessing. And then, when you get into trying times, you spend all the time and resources you have looking for answers elsewhere, forgetting that these answers had been since made available to you – but, you don’t even know where to look to find them.

It is true that a lack of use of something leads to its degradation. This is exactly what happened in my case, I hadn’t made use of my costume in months and when the need arose for it, I totally forgot all about it – the location, the fitting and even the look (just kidding). Even in our daily lives, when you lack information/knowledge or you lose touch on a skill/concept/idea, you waste everything trying to garner information or answers to things that you should have known or easily had access to.

So, get connected, get reconnected and stay (re)connected. Be (re)informed. Life will sure be smoother, easier and less stressful. Have faith, take the walk and remain in grace.

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New Year – New Me???

Happy New Year guys! I know I know I know, we’re already half way into the year, but it’s still a new year as far as we haven’t wished you one yet. 😘

Something happened the other day. I am in this group chat on WhatsApp with some school colleagues. A member of the group sent a message saying, “click on this link to get $1000.” Sure, we all clicked in faint hope of $1000 – I mean, since we can’t all be snakes or monkeys, we have to look for money some other way right (Nigerians will understand) – hehe. So I clicked, just to see an orangutan sticking it’s tongue at me. Surely, everyone in the group clicked because we all complained that there was no $1000 to be claimed via the link. The person that sent the message told us to click again, saying that it would work a second time. So we did, because the desire for $1000 was high, even though we low-key knew that it was a dead end. However, we complained to the guy again and here’s what he said, “You cannot do the same things over and over again and expect different results.” This statement isn’t particularly new to me but on that particular occasion, it actually struck something in me.

You see, this is a new year. We all go, “New Year, New Me; this is my year of…” and all worth not. However, nothing has changed about us. The same lazy attitude you had in 2017 is the same one you’re taking with you into 2018 – I mean, everyone knows you are always a week or more after your deadline and that’s not about to change, yet you’re claiming “New Year, New Me“? Come on now. The only thing new about your life is the day.

Make a conscious effort to change the things you are not comfortable with. You cannot be like us wanting to consistently open that link and hope that one day we will see $1000. My friend, if you like, click on the link till Jesus comes because one person said you should keep doing it; that orangutan will keep sticking its tongue at you. What even happened to leaving the link alone and working towards actually making $1000 or more for yourself?

“You cannot do the same things and expect growth,” I dare add. The meal plan used on you as an infant isn’t the same one you use now. Each stage of life comes with its own battles and also needs its own strengths to fight it (literally speaking and in all other senses). Eating baby food when you should be eating adult food just sets you up for loss when these battles come your way. So also it is with other aspects of growth in our lives, you can’t hope that you’ll stop being lackadaisical if you aren’t ready to let go of your excesses and feed on hard work, dedication, determination and discipline. Don’t get me wrong, hope is good but without action, it’s grope!

Until you consciously make an effort to change those things that held you back in the last year, the things that held you back even yesterday, it will just be a new date with the same old you.

New Year, New Me? No, the mantra should read: Changed Mentality, New Me! Our new versions can come at any time, after all isn’t it true what they say: “It is when one rises from one’s sleep that is such a person’s Good Morning.”?

A Happy New Year lovelies 😘😘😘