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An entry by Teghtegh Mlumun Gladys – Winner Project ACTS 2019.

I always give thanks to God anytime I reflect over the story of my life. As the last child of my family, one would expect that things would be easy for me, but that has not been my experience at all. My father retired before I was born and my mother took up her teaching appointment when I was three years old. With four children all of school age, the family income was stretched thin to cater for our needs. We have made it through every day by the absolute grace of God. We all attended schools within our family income; we didn’t get the luxury of selecting our choice of schools.

To support my mothers’ income, we bake and sell snacks, locally called buns. We sell soya bean milk which we prepare ourselves as well. In my own little way, I contribute by helping in the preparation process: I package and arrange the snacks which my mother sells at her work place on week days. I also take these goods to building and construction sites on weekends for sale, in this manner I contribute to my personal and family development.

Furthermore, I participate actively in my church and also play leading roles in our student fellowship in school. God is the key source of my preservation and motivation. Growing up in an era of different social media platforms and social awareness is not easy, but He always provides guidance. I do my best to be a devoted and dedicated student at school. Hard work and perseverance have rewarded me good scores in tests and examinations, to the glory of God. I am usually found among the top three students of my class. I also try by my actions to be a role model to other young children and teenagers around me, to live by the example of Christ and to be a blessing to my family and society.

In addition to these, I visit orphanage homes when I can, especially ‘Mama Abayol’s Orphanage Home’ as it is close to my house. This is spare-headed by a society I joined in my church. I feel happy visiting these children because, unlike me they don’t have a family to love them, send them to school, and care for them. During my visits, I don’t come along with food stuffs, cloths or books (as I am not buoyant enough to afford them), but, I help fetch water, wash clothes, sweep, play with the children and assist with other chores if they are available. Apart from visiting orphans, I also visit sick patients in the hospital, I preach to them, encouraging them to never give up and be steadfast in their faith. Minute as they may seem, the orphanage and hospital visitations are my greatest achievements, they give me great joy. I am able to use the energy God has given me to put smiles on the faces of others, to give out of nothing.

In conclusion, I may not have millions of dollars, I may not be able to assist the needy financially or materially but I will not stop contributing spiritually, helping with my strength and words in orphanage homes and hospitals. So help me God.

Teghtegh Mlumun Gladys is a 17 year old student of Government Girls College, Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. She is currently in grade 12 and wishes to become a doctor in future. Mlumun hopes to visit other orphanages apart from the aforementioned and have a chance to help them materially also.

Project ACTS (Assist Children To School) was borne out of a need to meet the academic aspect of A-T-4-G Initiative by lending a helping hand to those in need.

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