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Chronicles of a Bookaholic Wannabe (Part 2)

At the beginning of the second quarter of the year, I had planned to read, Michelle Obama’s “Becoming,” T.D Jakes’ “The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord,” and Trevor Noah’s “Born a crime.” They ended up as wishes and goals which I hope to still achieve as time goes by. As you can as well guess, I read none. Started with “Becoming,” the first month passed by, hadn’t finished reading it but I was determined to get this book ticked off my list so I let it spill into the second month, still not finished – not even half-way. Determined to get it done with and somehow hopeful that I could crash read two other books (remember how much of a slow reader I am), I let it spill into the third month. Good news is, I’m still not done with the book, a little past mid-way.

There’s something about setting deadlines and making yourself accountable. It gives you a sense of responsibility and discipline. With exams lurking, 3-books-a-month resolution ticking, involvements in A-T-4-G project ACTS (see last post to catch-up), I knew it was time to do the needful – push those wishes aside and go for my reality:

1.) I changed my initial books of choice, so as to beat the deadline. From the aforementioned books to Karen Kingsbury’s “Once upon a campus,” Myles Munroe’s “The Power of Praise and Worship,” Karen Kingsbury’s “Divine” and Adzege Faeren’s “A Teen for God” (don’t even give me that look).

2.) I didn’t let the size of the newly found books make me feel like I had under-achieved. From a 186 paged book to a 20 paged book, the most important thing was that I was keeping to my resolutions.

3.) Rest if you must but don’t quit. The key is to keep moving. Remember, baby steps. A snail may be slow but not stagnant.

I must reiterate:

4.) Have an accountability partner. The thought that I had to give a report at the end of the quarter made me all the more dedicated.

5.) Take on books your size. Need I say more?


I am all the more determined to finish reading “Becoming” this month, with the hope of reading other books in August and September. Have I made a list of the other books I’ll like to read? No, no need – let the months unfold.

For those who haven’t read the blog post on “Chronicles of a Bookaholic – Part 1”, you may wish to refer to the second post before this to catch-up. Well, I can only hope that when I put up part 3, a lot would have been achieved. Do wish me luck and while you are at it, make every second count!

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