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You’ll Do Just Fine!

Two months into 2019 and it may seem like you jump-started the year, like you need a restart or something more pacifying. We try to be hopeful that the next month will be better – I mean, January and February were a recovery phase from Christmas, new year, even Valentine’s day and all celebrations. If you’re like me, you’ll most likely be having a panic attack by now – you probably haven’t saved as you planned, haven’t been able to keep to resolutions or work on your character as you hoped, your year/future is still not mapped out and all your thoughts keep bugging you.

I’ve had this friend who would always tell me, “you’ll do just fine. I believe you’ll do just fine.” I used to be very, very, upset at this statement. I mean, after what seemed to me as days (ok I exagerate, but you get the point) of me complaining, sulking, being devastated, pouring my whole heart out, all you have to tell me is the now cliché, “you’ll do just fine”? Thanks for nothing friend. It would have been better to talk to a wall sef… Sigh!

After the phase I complain about seems to have passed, I analyze and realise that I actually did just fine. It’s like the Heavens aligned in my favour (but I just wasn’t aware). Everything passes and I survive it with smiles, accomplishments, fulfilment. The statement begins to make more sense to me, it’s now more soothing than a pain.

Unapologetically, having found a deeper, meaning to the statement, I’ve come to be that annoying friend today who’ll go cliché on you. You may not see the full picture yet, you may not have saved as much as you hoped, or worked on your resolutions/character as you would have loved to. You may not have your year/future mapped out as precisely as you want, or even none of all these, but, “You’ll be fine. I believe you’ll do just fine.”

“It’s okay to be confused, it’s okay to not have it all together at once, it’s okay. This is life, not a math problem with straight forward answers.”

So, enjoy the rest of the year knowing that “YOU WILL DO JUST FINE!”

With love,


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