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Carrying over Crosses.

New Year’s eve had me feeling all sorts of ways: underachieved as a result of twisted relationships, a whole lot of failed friendships I could swear my goodluck charm had been stolen, even being alone in a foreign land while my family celebrated in unison, happiness and good food, just made me feel… EMPTY.

As usual, there were a lot of “2019 this, 2019 that” stories flying around. For some reason, the last days of 2018 had almost everyone on my social media talking about cutting off (toxic) people or not entering the New Year with garbage, but I could not just relate. Felt like I was entering the New Year with so much garbage, unsettled issues, hence, my feelings of underachievement. Sigh!

I culled my inspiration from a friend who said, “you must not necessarily see them as garbage that you are crossing over with. Maybe it’s a process and you are taking conscious efforts and gradual decisions”

Her words were so soothing, I began to see the garbage differently – as lessons instead. It felt better, I felt better, relieved and at peace.

All the time, we get so fanatical with the whole “New Year, New Page” charade that we become depressed if/when it doesn’t feel like we’re starting a “Fresh Life” in a “Fresh Year”. I mean, what you’re going through could be a process that isn’t meant to finish on the last day of the old year, you probably may not have finished learning all there is to learn from that ‘garbage’.

So, please, before you kill yourself with the feeling that it’s a New Year with Old Year garbage, remember that your life is a process, not like your clock that just turned 31st December to 1st January in a split second. Most importantly, learn through the process and when it’s time for a fresh start (new phase), you’ll know.

A Happy New Year to you.

May 2019 be amazing.

With love, A-T-4-G!

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