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A TeeTan For God!

I wake up to mum’s beckon

Son, will you get down here quickly?

My life flashes with careless reckon

Even as I walk down briskly.

I forget to say a prayer,

My day starts anyway.

Errands to run, chores to fulfill

Assignments knocking on my door

A demanding world and all her ill

My life can’t be more sore.

I forget to say thank you,

To God who made life this way.

Ten years down the line or more

Catches me overwhelmed with life

Responsiblities pile, deadlines roar

Was I really born for all this strife?

I still forget to just be grateful,

I’m alive – that should be okay.

A Teetan for God is who I am, I dare say,

I’m not perfect, heck I don’t even pray everyday,

But in His eyes, I’m still worth dying for to save.

I may be stubborn, vile, sometimes gross

Stray a little while trying to carry my cross

But God loves me all the same and that’s what matters most!

A TeeTan For God (A-T-4-G) ministry is all about reaching out to teens and titans (youths) to make us bask in the joys that come with knowing God, serving Him and living in His purpose, using our gifts and talents to reach out to everyone. A little love, support, encouragement and our world will sure be a better place – because investing in today’s teens/youths will make a beautiful and purpose filled generation.

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