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Attaining a Silver Star!

For my 25th, 18.10.2018. The months roll on fast, but the words remain. A late post.

Two months to my birthday, I have it all planned – the big 25. I feel like I’m the first to ever be it. The first to be 25. So, it has to be grand. A three-tier cake, beautiful dinner dresses, nails done, hair made and a really fancy photo shoot. A captivating article as well on the blog to accompany the pictures.

Three weeks to my birthday, I’m making calls here and there, setting things in motion, nothing could ever go wrong, or so I thought.

Two weeks to go, the universe suddenly remembers me for evil: I’m denied a trip to a conference where my hair would have been made. I’m told to change hostels within two days, I lose money in the most conspicuous ways, everything comes crashing: there goes all my plans – nails, hair, cake, dresses, photo session – gone!

The day comes and it actually blows my mind. The love, the gifts, the deep prayers, the heartfelt messages, even the pictures I neglected because it was not a $1000 camera that shot them – everything turns out grand all the same, not how I expected but breath-taking, leaving me elated. Reminds me that our plans may not always work out as we want but God never fails to make things very beautiful for us in the end.

In honour of 25, I got my friends and acquaintances to interview me (feeling celebrity-ish). Considering I love to share with you, here’s giving you a good idea of it all:

What inspires you to do better and be better (What’s your driving force)?
A lot of things actually – the fear of being regular – lol, living/dying without fulfilling purpose, the yearn for a better life for myself and people around me. My world expects the world from me – I cannot come and go and fall their hand.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I haven’t even seen myself in tomorrow and you ask about 10 years – wawu! Let me try, I should be a practicing doctor, fulfilling “A Teen for God” ministry. I should be married with 2/3 yard people. Please, don’t come after me in case I’m doing none of these in 10 years o, change is constant. Most importantly and definitely, I would have grown positively in all spheres of my life.

What life goal can you comfortably say you have attained?
So many to pick from but let me reveal one of my many secrets today, Schooling abroad. It is a mark I am proud of. Little as it may be to some people, it is something I am grateful to God for. The dreams, the prayers, the faith, the demands I made, the God that pulled it through, oh not forgetting the MISCHIEF involved (choosing a course that I could convince people especially my parents to study abroad! Hehe, don’t get me wrong o, I love medicine, but it was also a means to self satisfaction). And the universe was also in my favour as University of Ilorin decided to offer me a degree in Food Science as opposed to the Medicine I applied for. If I got admission to study Medicine then, I probably would have been there now. Just lukat God!

Why are you studying medicine?
I don’t wonna bore you with clichés of, “to heal the sick, raise the dead, touch lives, restore humanity” yada yada yada. To be real, medicine just feels right – for my personality, ministry and life’s goals. Sometimes, the view is hazy but one day at a time, right?

How’s it been in Russia, so far?
Bitter-sweet! There have been really sad days but I can say without doubt that God has favoured me so much, it’s been a reveling, sweet and sour experience. Oh, how can I forget, sneaking around like thieves to worship and five years of not celebrating Christmas? Not cool at all but fun experiences as well.

What are you most afraid of?
Getting it wrong in life. Failure without recovery.

What’s the most difficult phase of your life so far, that God showed up and proved Himself beyond your expectation?
Every med school exam season, it’s always a story upon another – hehehe.

How have you handled relationships and is there any special guy in the picture?
Hmmmmm, relationships… It’s been a tupsy -turvy experience for me. Really can’t say whether I handled them perfectly, after all there’s no marking scheme. What I do know is that I’ve learnt well from them – enough lessons to pull me through the next successfully – I hope. There’s no guy in the picture (team Jesus Baby – no, I’m not accepting applications, tenkyiu!)

How do you balance education with extracurricular activities?
Time management – lol – me that loves sleep more than anything else. It’s not been as perfect but I try. It could be a movie night, an evening out with friends or something of the like. One thing I try not to do is misplace priorities, doing the right things at the right times I guess.

Do you have any weaknesses at all?
When I’m not God, how won’t I have weaknesses? I know I can worry/overthink for Africa and the whole world sef. I love too deeply, can we call it a weakness? I have a really hard time making up my mind (today it’s A, tomorrow it’s 5). I still don’t know how to ride a bicycle and I procrastinate sometimes, ok maybe a lot. Don’t even judge me or else…

Well, those were the questions and my honest answers.

I am using this opportunity to send a message to everyone who celebrated me even in the minutest of ways and to my friends who made this post possible by asking me questions: THANK YOU! :*

I know it’s almost two months past my birthday, thought to cancel this post as a whole but someone said to me, “You’re still alive, you still are 25, the date doesn’t make it less important.” So, here we are! Have an amazing year and here’s wishing you a most beautiful December.

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