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Nails, Plans and His Will.

Ever had one of those moments when you are trying to do something important in the ways you know how and nothing just seems to be clicking yet you have to keep pushing because you have to do what you have to do no matter what?

It was one of those weekends where you have to do a million things in no time – a Friday, I had a flight scheduled for Sunday. I desperately needed to get my nails done before my trip. However, I hadn’t booked any specialist earlier so I knew how difficult finding a professional by that time would be. Still, I tried my luck. To be honest, I had very, very little faith.

I called my usual nail specialist, she was booked the whole weekend. I called my once-in-a-blue moon specialist, there was no space till the next two weeks. Suddenly, money didn’t seem to be an issue any more. I mean, I couldn’t travel without ticking this off my list. Who does that? So, I called the otherwise expensive specialist, she said she would be available that weekend and just when I wanted to dance, she added that it would be on Sunday though! The same day as my trip – sigh!

I was running out of options. I started asking friends, friends of friends, even enemies (okay, I exaggerate there but you get the point) to connect me with their specialists. I got a couple of phone numbers here and there, placed some calls but good fortune seemed to be on vacation that weekend. I mean, did all the ladies suddenly decide to get their nails done that same weekend???
I took the search online and even dropped my standards: I just needed anyone who knew how to use a nail file and all those other nail equipment. I was getting desperate – anything was better than nothing. The search online proved futile, the manicure people weren’t picking their calls or responding to messages. I kept on searching, asking more friends and hoping on God to make a way. I even thought maybe God didn’t just want me to get my nails done… Sigh!

Some time later – after a thousand calls, messages and turn downs, a friend sent me a contact to call, a routine I had quickly gotten tired of. I called without enthusiasm. Not only did I get this one available, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I had a lot of options to choose from. I picked the date and time of my choice. I was amazed and even feared that the specialist wasn’t a good one since she had so much free time – I mean, all the other “maestro” specialists were booked for the weekend. But, I had no choice really, did I?

My appointment was on Saturday morning by 09:00. I got there by 09:10 a.m and I was beyond amazed to be done by 10:30 a.m. The thing is, with my regular specialists, I never had a session less than four hours. But this time, I not only saved two hours and forty minutes of my time, I also saved a lot of money as this lady had rates far below what I was used to. This made me question the quality of her work before the outcome. On a side note, when I asked why she was so fast, she said she had mastered the job and knew her work well – such pomposity, I guess it comes with knowing your skill and knowing it well. Also, after doing my math, I figured that with such speed, cheaper rates and more clients, she’d make more profit than the more priced specialists who spent four hours per client.

In the end, everything that played out from the Friday morning to the Saturday afternoon when I was done with the nails, made me believe all the more that God has even better plans than we have for ourselves. Here I was trying my best to get those people I was used to while even seeking expensive options, when God knew exactly what I needed at that moment – to save money and most especially time – in which He made available a perfect answer to my needs.

You may be used to business as usual, you may be used to a particular level of interaction/procedure with God, but when He is ready to change it for you, just follow (even if blindly). He always, always does what is best for us and in our own interest. Just leave it to Him, He’s got you handled and covered. I mean, He knows the end from the beginning. God’s got you!

2 thoughts on “Nails, Plans and His Will.

  1. Hello honey,
    This is an amazing write up.
    That’s exactly what L think when something doesn’t go my way.
    HE is enough.
    HE has got perfect timing.
    He has got it all covered.

    And now to Fafa, keep on ‘enthusiasing’ us..

    Love you exaggeratedly!

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