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Futile Wanderings

It was two hours to our performance at the concert. I had a lot of things unticked on my to-do list but frantically searching for my costume for the whole two hours wasn’t one of them.

I checked my big box shallowly and when the search proved futile, I had to bring down the box (which was heavy by the way) to continue the search. I searched this time turning everything upside down but my costume was still far from reach and time ticked on.

I proceeded to look in my smaller box. I took out all my neatly folded clothes and added to the thirty-minutes ago formerly organised room, yet I didn’t find my costume.

I passed by my wardrobe, passively looking for my costume there. I was almost certain it wasn’t there, so I wasn’t totally disappointed when I didn’t find it there as well.

Then I started asking everyone, even went out of my room to ask other people, like we share clothes or something. This took my time and still ended with a negative outcome. No one knew where my costume was – I really didn’t expect them to anyway. By this time, I had already started considering other options, but that wasn’t even going to be possible, as my other two colleagues in the crew had their costumes ready for the performance. What to do?

I decided to search my wardrobe again, this time thoroughly. What would you know, my dress was folded neatly at the bottom of the wardrobe (just as I had kept it the last time after use) waiting for me to come get it. By this time, I was left with ten minutes to the time of my performance, a terribly disorganised room and a lot of stuff on my to-do list undone. I couldn’t help but be mad… At myself!

As I walked to the concert venue, I played the whole scenario in my head and some truth just hit me about the whole search:

When you do not have a walk with God, you waste your time, energy and resources looking for answers to things that God has provided answers to. But, you do not even dine with Him enough to know that the answers have been made available, you do not even commune with Him to know what these answers are or where they are so what happens? You keep running around in circles, searching everywhere but the right place, wasting everything possible for things that you should readily have, save for your ignorance.

Furthermore, you may have had a walk with God before but paused/cut communication with Him, thus leading to a form of memory regression – you forget His promises to you, His assurance or even His blessing. And then, when you get into trying times, you spend all the time and resources you have looking for answers elsewhere, forgetting that these answers had been since made available to you – but, you don’t even know where to look to find them.

It is true that a lack of use of something leads to its degradation. This is exactly what happened in my case, I hadn’t made use of my costume in months and when the need arose for it, I totally forgot all about it – the location, the fitting and even the look (just kidding). Even in our daily lives, when you lack information/knowledge or you lose touch on a skill/concept/idea, you waste everything trying to garner information or answers to things that you should have known or easily had access to.

So, get connected, get reconnected and stay (re)connected. Be (re)informed. Life will sure be smoother, easier and less stressful. Have faith, take the walk and remain in grace.

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