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New Year – New Me???

Happy New Year guys! I know I know I know, we’re already half way into the year, but it’s still a new year as far as we haven’t wished you one yet. 😘

Something happened the other day. I am in this group chat on WhatsApp with some school colleagues. A member of the group sent a message saying, “click on this link to get $1000.” Sure, we all clicked in faint hope of $1000 – I mean, since we can’t all be snakes or monkeys, we have to look for money some other way right (Nigerians will understand) – hehe. So I clicked, just to see an orangutan sticking it’s tongue at me. Surely, everyone in the group clicked because we all complained that there was no $1000 to be claimed via the link. The person that sent the message told us to click again, saying that it would work a second time. So we did, because the desire for $1000 was high, even though we low-key knew that it was a dead end. However, we complained to the guy again and here’s what he said, “You cannot do the same things over and over again and expect different results.” This statement isn’t particularly new to me but on that particular occasion, it actually struck something in me.

You see, this is a new year. We all go, “New Year, New Me; this is my year of…” and all worth not. However, nothing has changed about us. The same lazy attitude you had in 2017 is the same one you’re taking with you into 2018 – I mean, everyone knows you are always a week or more after your deadline and that’s not about to change, yet you’re claiming “New Year, New Me“? Come on now. The only thing new about your life is the day.

Make a conscious effort to change the things you are not comfortable with. You cannot be like us wanting to consistently open that link and hope that one day we will see $1000. My friend, if you like, click on the link till Jesus comes because one person said you should keep doing it; that orangutan will keep sticking its tongue at you. What even happened to leaving the link alone and working towards actually making $1000 or more for yourself?

“You cannot do the same things and expect growth,” I dare add. The meal plan used on you as an infant isn’t the same one you use now. Each stage of life comes with its own battles and also needs its own strengths to fight it (literally speaking and in all other senses). Eating baby food when you should be eating adult food just sets you up for loss when these battles come your way. So also it is with other aspects of growth in our lives, you can’t hope that you’ll stop being lackadaisical if you aren’t ready to let go of your excesses and feed on hard work, dedication, determination and discipline. Don’t get me wrong, hope is good but without action, it’s grope!

Until you consciously make an effort to change those things that held you back in the last year, the things that held you back even yesterday, it will just be a new date with the same old you.

New Year, New Me? No, the mantra should read: Changed Mentality, New Me! Our new versions can come at any time, after all isn’t it true what they say: “It is when one rises from one’s sleep that is such a person’s Good Morning.”?

A Happy New Year lovelies 😘😘😘

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