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At This Bus Stop Called Life!

I was at the bus stop one day, on my way to a very important function. The weather was cold, very cold and the vicinity was pretty much secluded. Earlier, I had waited for my bus with other colleagues whose routes were different from mine. I watched in admiration and low key jealousy as they boarded their buses and bid me farewell leaving me all alone. Time seemed to stretch. An hour became a century. After ten minutes of more waiting, a couple approached the bus stop and in a few minutes, the bus heading their way came along, they boarded and left. I kept waiting anxiously and coldly, trying not to just board any other bus that came my way.

Some thirty minutes more passed by and a lady approached the bus stop. The long wait in silence led us to a little chat. From our talk, I realised we were headed the same way and therefore, waiting for the same bus. We both complained about the weather, analysed our dilemma and waited on. Then came another bus (which wasn’t headed our way) and the lady immediately bid me farewell saying that the wait was too long, the weather too cold and she could wait no more. I bid her farewell purposing in my heart to just board the next bus that came my way.

The next bus came alright, and what would you know? It was the bus I had been waiting for – it was my bus! The bus that kept me in the cold, lonely road for a hundred long hours. Finally, it was there, right in front of me. I was amazed.

I was amazed that the bus came just when I had given up hope and decided to board any other bus. I felt sorry for the lady who couldn’t bear the whole process and gave up right in front of her breakthrough. I thought of the stress she would endure to connect back to her destination eventually. Disappointed in myself that after waiting so long and going through the seeming tortuous process, I could even think of letting go just at the point of my breakthrough.

Trivial as this story may seem, it made me ponder deeply upon life and humans. Many times, we are just not patient enough, not disciplined enough or just not dedicated enough to a cause – after all, why wait on the path of right and be left when there are shortcuts or illegal means to an end where we can celebrate in a shorter time with lesser stress… Or isn’t that right? Wrong!

In life, we all have our different directions, different paths and different timings as well. Time may be quickly passing you by but then, where are you even rushing to? This is not saying be lackadaisical about issues – No! Rather it’s a call for reflection and rethought. To be honest, I think it’s only normal to feel jealous or envy when it seems like the whole world is moving forward except you (I mean, I did feel jealous when all my friends and even strangers left me alone at the bus stop that day). However, it’s better to resist the urge to just follow whatever bus that comes because, sure you’ll be moving forward but you won’t be moving forward in the right direction, conditions and with the people meant for you.

Oh yes, the wait is long, cold, lonely and very tiring but still… WAIT!

Your time will come – wait!

Your bus will come – wait!

Your own will come – wait!

And when it does come, you’d be glad you waited.

One thought on “At This Bus Stop Called Life!

  1. I am deeply touched & sincerely moved by this piece of literature because it’s a true reflection of how we often feel from time to time.

    Especially the low key jealously, I really never thought of a word that aptly described the feeling as such, only now does it really sink. Indeed we are headed in different directions. The gestation period of a rat and an elephant differs but so also is the result.

    I can still remember way back then when I used to dream of the life I now experience. It felt like it was never going to come. It felt like I will never get there or I will never make it.

    But I am much excited that even though I’m not there yet, my ship has set sail, Glory to God!

    The wait may be long, cold, lonely & tiring but wait, even when it seem like God is running late, just wait… (Habakkuk 2:1-3; Isaiah 40:29-31)

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