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Growing older – The grey of wisdom on a new age!

Months to my birthday, I decide that I would not have any celebration this year. It’s been a tough season, resources are limited, school is on my neck. Let’s just save all energy, time and resources towards the silver jubilee, I think. However, the universe thinks otherwise. Unknown to me then.

It’s fifteen minutes to midnight, on the eve of my birthday. I’m trying to get some sleep when some party makers come knocking down my door. Little do I know that this would be the genesis of a not-so-little celebration. Imagine my shock when I realise that the party makers are on my case!They dance, sing birthday songs, make me laugh a little (ok maybe a lot) and pray for me as well.

The birthday comes in all it’s glory and I step into it, a General owning her day. I have a fair day and later return back. The day is done and I’m looking over what’s left of me, my room, the gifts and reminiscing over the sweet, kind and very honouring words dished out to me by my colleagues. We’ve had a full blown party, with lots of food, wine, dance and laughter. Beautiful memories indeed.

The day has been very eventful and everything opposite of a “no celebration.” When all the cleaning is done, I seclude myself from all the activities just to ponder. I realise that:

Growing older, sometimes if not most times, unplanned events or situations end up being a sweeter process/experience than that which was planned. This is not to say, “don’t plan”, it’s just saying, “when life offers you lemons, make lemonade” or “when life goes sore, soar”.

Growing older, people don’t always have the same space for us in their lives as we do for them. In essence, you may mean the world to me but that doesn’t mean I mean the world to you. And vice versa. Reminds one of that saying: one shouldn’t expect to be spared by a lion because one is a vegetarian. So, I have learnt not to exaggerate my place in other people’s lives. I have to love without expecting anything in return. Love without expectation sure hurts and aches less this way. As my mother would say, “blessed are those who do not expect anything for they shall never be disappointed!

Growing older, I learn that no one is like me. I am awesomely unique, so are you! No one will think the way I do, talk the way I talk, act the way I act or even love the way I love. No one will have my mischief or my failures. I am God’s personal mould of me without any extra or less. Thus, I try to do/help in what I can, not expecting a reciprocation and quit getting angry at people for not behaving the way I’d have behaved. I try to just “do/be me” and let people “do/be them.” I fail in my ways and grow in my ways, trying to be better when I can, changing that which isn’t right, as grace leads me.

Growing older, I may set out to go right but may end up going left instead. Yeah, it’s not the way I’d wanted to go but this doesn’t mean I should keep brooding such that I miss the blessing, fun and experience in the “left turn”. I refuse to see the “left turn” as a mistake and learn to enjoy every moment in it.

Growing older, I am saddled with even more responsibilities than I asked for (if I asked for any at all). I see these as perks of maturity and a reminder that the world expects the world from me. However, I haven’t forgotten to live and breathe when I can because I only live once – I dance when I can, cry when I can, be crazy because I can and oh yes, I take care of my responsibilities how best I can.

Even as I grow older, I do not forget that God has put in me dreams and visions to impact my world. I do not forget that I’m God’s masterpiece – this means that I’m original, I’m priceless and I’m a standard – God’s standard to the world. I am urged more than ever before to do that which he has called me to do – IMPACT LIVES!

So, on another birthday, I’m wiser and definitely, feeling more loved.

A very warm appreciation to everyone who showered me with sweet words, gifts, wished me well, prayed for me and made my birthday a memorable one. Aondo-a-faeren-a-we > may God treat you well! :*

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