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Get Up and Go – Lessons From a Missing Phone.

Every experience is an opportunity to tell a story, learn a lesson (or more) stick with me.

So, I lost my phone a month ago! I accompanied some male friends to help them shop for their sisters. For the first time in my life, I decided to keep my phone away (in my handbag) to avoid the distractions of social media, amongst other evils, and to concentrate on what we were there for. Just when we were about to leave the shop, I realised my phone was missing better still, I had been pick-pocketed – more like pick-handbagged.

I stood there smiling, then laughing. I kept telling myself “My phone cannot be missing or stolen. This hasn’t happened before; it won’t start now. My trip is in two days, this can’t be happening.” It took me a long while to realize I was in a state of shock and denial.

My friends dialed the phone a thousand times, it rang until the number stopped going through – battery ran out or the thief figured out how to switch it off. In our bid to locate the phone, we asked the administrator to show us videos from the CCTV from the moment we entered the shop… na there tori start:

Administrator – “I don’t have battery on my phone, wait thirty minutes.”

We waited, each dear second pushing the thief out of our hopeful capture.

Sales girl – “Don’t waste your time, you won’t find your phone, just go home.”

So much for encouragement, thanks!

I was (still am) so upset. The lack of care and concern just because…

We eventually had a glimpse of the videos, with promises that we were going to be given the videos for further investigation. (A week later, I was told the videos had been deleted so all evidence was lost in effect. Sigh.)

We went to the police station afterwards. I wrote a thousand statements and all that. I must confess my Russian vocabulary improved since those statements. Long story short, after all the statements and what not, I was still looking for the phone personally, doing the detective work and giving feedback to the police. It seemed like I was the police and the police was the one whose phone was stolen. You might be interested in their excuse: they didn’t have the devices needed to track my phone, they were waiting for the CCTV videos (which I was to bring of course). Well, it’s not their phone that’s missing neither am I paying them so they can’t come and die on top my matter I guess.

In this same ordeal, one of my friends told me to see this as an opportunity to buy a new phone… you must be kidding me! What about my lost files, pictures and all that important stuff? Besides, will I use leaves to buy the phone? Hmmm.

There’s more to this story but sometimes, it is best to let sleeping dogs lie at some point. In all, I’ve learnt a lot but most of all I learnt that:

  • No one on earth cares about you like you do.
  • No one feels your pain or knows where it hurts like you do.
  • No one will fight your battles for you but you.
  • You can be hopeful that the world will go the world for you but don’t be disappointed when/if it doesn’t.

So, get up and work for or look for what you want: find that job, look for your phone, seek those admissions because no one will do these for you as best as you’ll do it for yourself.

P.S – I’m still looking for my phone. lol

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