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Times and Seasons – A Tale of Refinement!

It took me some time to get into the university after high school (almost three years, story for another day). Those years were far from fun, believe me. It was most frustrating! I kept on begging God to ‘take this cup away from me‘. Come-on, all I did was be a good student, I failed no exams, got admissions into different institutions but remained out of the school system, for reasons I can’t explain till today. It seemed like the universe was just against me. Why would life be so unfair?

During the hibernation years, as I like to call those two+ years, I learned a lot. I learned to save more; I learned that life was no bed of roses – to borrow the cliché; I learned that it didn’t matter if one was the best in a field or was a trail blazer, God always has His plan and will take you through His own path when and how He wants to in His own time (even if it seems slow); I even got closer to family and learned valuable lessons on friendship, togetherness and love. Oh yeah, I also learned to cook a lot better! (Wife material alert! – Hee hee hee, just kidding ). This was no easy process. If the collective number of times I cried could be put together, it will be noted perhaps that this was the period when I cried the most. I had buckets full of tears of pain and frustration. I prayed and fasted a lot in that season. It was tough especially considering I had always been a high flier with top marks academically. I was humbled beyond measure.

Most times, when we are faced with tough situations or trying periods, we are quick to blame the devil as being the root cause of our calamity. Often, we pray for the season or trying period to disappear in a blink, ASAP. We often fail to look through heaven’s eyes to realise that maybe, just maybe, we’ve been placed in that situation to learn a number of things. Tell me:

If you don’t experience and learn from being broke, how would you appreciate wealth and saving?

If you don’t experience and learn from failure, how would you appreciate success?

If you don’t go through and learn from the fire (tough season), how would you appreciate the Most High?

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under Heaven, a time for this and a time for that. Don’t just wish your hardships or uncomfortable seasons away, they are there to make you a greater person. They are there to teach you lessons you’d never have known any other way. You may wish to be married this year but by God’s calendar you’re still in the training field. It might be the same thing for school, for wealth or something else that you greatly desire. Many times, they are things one may want – but does not necessarily need at that moment, despite all human reasoning. What to do? Please, enjoy your training, learn all you can during the training phase so you’ll be better prepared for the next stage of your life when it comes.

When I look back at my hibernation years and where I am now, I can’t help but thank God for those experiences, for those nights my pillow drenched with tears looking for ‘la dolce vita’ and for those days when my life was a seeming walking disaster. If I didn’t go through those years, I wouldn’t be the person I am today, the person God is still moulding me to become.

Good times? Appreciate them!

Hard times? Learn from them!!

More than anything and everything else, in all times, be grateful.


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