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Carpe Diem! 

I am enjoying my tour in Hawaii, just about to go sea-diving when my alarm rings – I knew this was too good to be true. I lazily wake up from my siesta as I prepare for afternoon study. I’m just in second year of high school. Oh God, when will all this routine be over? I just can’t wait to be done with secondary school. #sigh#

Six years down the line, I’m sitting in one of those general study classes, looking at the board, somewhat bored. The hall is crowded, I can barely hear my thoughts, talk less of what the lecturer is saying. I just can’t wait for the next three years so I can be done with this place. #sigh#

Fast forward to the present, I’m working at this cool firm with a somewhat tasking boss, living the average life of a spinster. With a deadline lurking, I decide to pass by instagram just to be greeted with lovely pictures of my friend and her hubby on their honeymoon. I just can’t wait to be married. #sigh#

The economist says “human wants are insatiable” and I couldn’t agree less. There’s always that feel that our next phase, next stage in life is better than where we are presently. It’s not a bad thing to look forward to the future. The problem lies in thinking that your ‘present’ is not good enough, thereby missing the beauty – of the present, which is a gift. Eventually, you get to the next phase and after a few moments, you are back to the same feeling of dissatisfaction, then you anxiously wait for the next stage and the next and the next… – a vicious cycle my dear.

Instead of looking for the gift or present in the future, take the present and make it a present (gift). After all, that’s why it is called ‘present’, no?

Life is now, life is here. Live now, enjoy your now – Carpe diem: Seize the day! 

2 thoughts on “Carpe Diem! 

  1. I could relate to this. That incessant yearning and thought that the next ‘abstract’ phase would bring ‘the happiness longed for’…got caught up in an unending tunnel😂 Grateful I realised that
    #living and enjoying the present#

    Great piece Matilda! KTFB😀

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