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New Beginnings! 

There’s something about fresh starts: a fresh business plan, dream, position or even relationship. There’s always this burst of energy and excitement like gushing waterfalls down the Niagara. Many times, there is hope, like “Oh, this is gonna be the bomb, this is the one!”

A few weeks down the lane and things begin to change. The excitement and energy levels aren’t as high as at the beginning. The currents of the waterfall changes to that of a stream, still moving yeah but with less energy. 

Then a couple of months pass by and it’s like nothing new ever happened. No energy, no excitement, no vibe – just living the normal life. This time you are akin to a tree – in one spot, letting each day pass by and sway you like the wind. 

I believe this is what a lot of us face every new year, every new season. We make resolutions, we make declarations, “This year is my year”, “It is my time to shine” and all. One question though: why wasn’t last year your year? Oh, don’t act like you don’t remember saying the same things last year (or last years rather). Tell me, what happened? What changed? What went wrong? 

Here’s what went wrong: you lost focus, you lost the drive, you lost the vibe! Oh yes you did (amidst other factors). Did you even write down your resolution(s)? Did you give yourself practical steps to achieve them? Did you set a time frame to be or do what you wanted? Did you have genuine reasons for setting out with your plans or were you simply following the new year crowd? 

It’s not enough to declare things, after all, talk is cheap. It’s also not enough to start up something and leave it halfway. What gets us through, what makes us reach the end of our plans? – FOCUS





Successful… Yup yup. (P.S – got that while watching a Nigerian movie – hehehe) 

Never lose sight of why you set out to do whatever you wanted to do. Always remember the driving force and the vibe with which you first began – this doesn’t only accrue to the whole new year noise but also to whatever project, vision or relationship you commit yourself to. And while you’re at it, do have a pleasant 2017. Focus and Achieve!

Happy New Year. Glad we made it together! :*

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