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A Thousand Wishes for Christmas! 

This period brings jingles

For couples as well as singles

Oh, let me get to cleaning my dishes

But first I would drop a thousand wishes

A life of love, peace and joy

Even when life is raw and sore

To the barren, a baby girl or boy

To the adventurous, a travelling tour

A heart calm and of good cheer

Not minding all you have to bear

Knowing that God is always with thee

His loving child is all you will ever be

May the days not see you sad

Nor the nights see you cry

Keep calm, don’t feel too bad

God’s got this, you don’t need to try

This Christmas, may your wishes be granted

May you have favour, yes, blessings unwarranted

May the gifts and surprises be as many as sea fishes

And I will be here next Christmas to give you more wishes!

#Merry Christmas lovelies#

With Love – A-T-4-G!

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