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Shades of(f) a busy life… 

It was gonna be a really long ride home from the mall. I held on to a phone with dying battery life, chatting and then, total blackout – the type you experience when NEPA does what she knows how to do best. Just less than five minutes into my one hour long journey, what to do? A minute was too much for boredom to engulf me like a wrath. My eyes scanned my surrounding as if searching for answers to satisfy my state.

It didn’t take long for my philosopher side to be unleashed. Ideas gushed in like a flood – the great and not so great alike. I thought about my future, my ministry, how to change my world, how to start a business, ideas on finding the cure for AIDS, Ebola – you name it. I even thought about writing this article. Frankly, I did some real soul searching. 

Amidst my thoughts, it dawned on me that unconsciously, the telephone life, the “technology is the order of the day” world, the life of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat et al had caught up with me too. I couldn’t remember the last time (if ever) I took a pause from all the activities of life to just relax and enjoy some soul searching. My thoughts were interrupted when the driver alerted me that I had reached my destination. 

With mixed feelings and bitter happiness, I alighted the bus knowing that I was eventually going to charge my phone and reply all my messages on Whatsapp and spend the bulk of my time chatting, going through Facebook (like it was my daily devotional) or Instagram to laugh at silly jokes or pictures. This is life – it keeps moving. 

And what happened to all my thoughts? I can barely remember them deeply, no time. With my phone back to life, who needs ideas, right? Who e ‘epp, abi?


Crux of my story: you don’t have to wait till your phone is out of battery. Take a moment out of your busy and all engaging life, away from the phone, messages and social apps – just breathe, think, dig out ideas and build a better you. Your overly busy life might just be the shade hindering the effect of your light. 

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