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Misplacing Priorities… 

How do you borrow money from someone, and have a clear conscience, clear enough to buy something conveniently for yourself with the next available cash that comes your way without paying the lender back first? Likeeeee, I am not understanding.

You have not paid your rent, but you already pre-ordered the iPhone 7 because iPhone is life and shelter is secondary.

I am not saying don’t buy good stuff for yourself but there should be a chain of command.

What are your priorities? Those things that are highest or higher in importance. 

Investing in your future, having ‘vex money’; these are basic things I think should be among everyone’s priorities.

I think it is better to have food on your table than have a Rolex or two sitting on your dresser to be worn only on special occasions (we all know you won’t waste a Rolex on a trip to the mall or a casual stroll in the park).

Of course, we are not perfect. The urge to spend a little more on things so we can look better would always be there, but self-control and discipline is very important.

Know your priorities, place them accordingly and always ALWAYS live within your means. 

Do not borrow to buy something you can do without. You will not die if you don’t buy it, I promise.

If you must take a loan from anybody, be modest enough to pay back as soon as possible. 

Don’t wait till you are asked for it or assume the lender does not need it yet. That is not your call to make and is wrong on all levels. When you came to ask for the money, you would not take ‘NO’ for an answer so why should paying back become an issue?

There is this hard policy I am learning to cultivate. Before I buy anything, I ask myself:

1. If it gets stolen or missing would I question my entire existence? Because let’s face it if your iPhone 7 gets stolen after you sold one of your kidneys to get it, you might as well die. 

2. Can I conveniently give this out as a present and not think it too expensive for someone other than myself?

If your answers to these questions are ‘NO’ and ‘YES’ respectively, then please by all means indulge yourself in some self-appreciation and spoil you.

I am not saying buy cheap stuff or things of low quality because the ready excuse is ‘quality over quantity’. Quality is great, but can you really afford it now?
Another expression of my yeye mind,


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