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It’s Not What You Think It Is!

Yayyy, it’s 2016! Happy New Year lovelies (like my dad will say, “it’s better late than never” hehehe). A thousand apologies!


So, the year 2015 was fun, teaching and of course IMPACT-filled. On one of those days in 2015, I learnt something rather odd.

It was Christmas morning. As usual, I went to school, even wrote a test then I had a class in the hospital afterwards. To get to the hospital, two of my colleagues and I called a cab company who promised us a cab asap (instead of using the conventional bus – for punctuality reasons). So we waited a while, no show. The cab company called later saying the cab had arrived, but for some reason we couldn’t locate the cab. Just at that moment, one of our colleagues who owns a car invited us to have a ride with him to the hospital. Praise God, money and time saved… or so we thought!

However it was a very long ride to the hospital since we had to go off our route in search of premium motor spirit a.k.a fuel. Finally, we found a gas station, refilled the tank and headed towards the hospital. To cut the long story short, we arrived late, not only did we arrive late, we were denied access into the hospital. The car owner and his friend were permitted to enter (not because he owns a car or something; rumour had it that another friend of theirs told authorities about their supposed lateness). But we were turned back with our sad and gloomy faces that didn’t seem to attract sympathy from the security guards. For missing the class, we had to work for it on another day – extra time, money and energy spent.

What’s my point yeah?

That day, I learnt that not everything or everyone that comes to you dressed as a blessing is really one. They may just be a distraction from the real deal or a trap to make you lose it all – it’s not always what you think it is. Please don’t get me wrong, my dear colleague had no intention of hurting us, but it just happened that way – probably to teach me this lesson.


It’s a little absurd that I should use such an illustration to introduce the theme for 2016 – BLESSING, but I feel this incident happened so we would be careful about the blessings we receive, and give too!

Welcome to 2016, the year of blessing. Be a blessing and be blessed in Jesus’ name… Amen!


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