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As I age…


During the summer holiday, I had the opportunity to ride on a quad-bike with a host of friends. It was a jolly ride until I felt like a movie star, trying to control the bike with just one hand as I tried to use my other hand to catch my cap flying away in mid-air. A few flips here and there (maybe a triple tumble) and the next thing I see is me on the hard floor with bruises and a really aching body. Thankfully, the bike fell just beside me and not on me – phew. Honestly, for the first seconds I was on the ground, I searched for that bright light with Jesus leading me home, but the only light I saw was the sun… yay, I’m still alive. Then I thought about my ovaries – hehehe, by God’s grace, they were still in place… no broken bones either thank God!

A friend told me the first thing I said when I gained consciousness was “but it’s not my time to go yet” lol – trust me, I don’t know where that came from.

That day I thanked God for life. I realised it could have been a lot worse but God spared me. Apparently “but it’s not my time to go yet!

And so, I thank God for nights that have turned into mornings, for sorrows that have turned into joy, for trials that have turned into favour and blessings. I thank God for breath!

As I age, I realise that I love grapes more than I love apples, some love apples more than grapes, while others love oranges or even none of these. So, what do I do? I bring all fruits to the table (makes everyone happy), learning to accommodate and accept everyone with their amazing differences! After all, if everyone is like me, what a boring world this would be. Therefore, I love selflessly and effortlessly!

Even as I age, I am taught that not everything I ask God for will come to me. However, He will always do what’s best for me at every given time to fit His perfect plan for me. Through and through, I understand that He hasn’t promised me a smooth life, but has promised to always be with me and lead me through the smooth and rough times. This makes me glad.

As I age, I realise that my world expects the world from me and they don’t expect me to fail them. I understand how hard I must work to achieve this but at the same time, I know when to rest because if I stress myself to death today, I will be missed – true – but life will surely move on without me. I’ve learnt to take occasional pauses and just breathe!

As I age, I have learnt to appreciate the family, friends and beautiful people I’m surrounded with. We may have disagreements, we may not talk all the time, we may just love from afar but what remains constantly important to me is the love that binds these relationships.

As I age, I realise that I’m closer to the grave today than I was yesterday. And so I do today what can’t be postponed to the morrow: I live, I love, I laugh. I cry, I appreciate people and moments, I say sweet and kind words. I play, I take pictures, I sing, I save, I spend. I plan, I work, I serve, I tithe and above all, I try to make an impact on my world doing what God has called me to do.


P.S: A warm appreciation to everyone who has ever celebrated me even in the smallest ways. The Heaven’s will always smile at you. Thanks for making my birthday a memorable one – Cheers!!! 🙂 :*


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The Beauty in Death!

This is not one of them essays to scare you; on the contrary, I want to spur you today, spur you to “die”: WHAT?!? Yes o, you read well, “D-I-E” hehehe 🙂

I attended a seminar today and the speaker passively made a statement (wasn’t even the theme of the day) which isn’t a new concept or something so spectacular but for some reason, for the first time, I thought about it deeply.


The seed of a fruit or tree is considered dead/useless until when buried in good soil. This good soil together with water, sunlight and other necessary elements enables the transformation of this seed. Transformation can only occur naturally through certain strict processes which eventually enables the seed grow finely to even bear more fruit. The grown seed (now a blossomed fruit or tree) possesses better features that the once dead seed initially didn’t possess. Amazing ain’t it?

I suppose you’re getting my point already…

The thing is, you need to allow the “seed you” to die. Yup, release yourself and let God take you through those NATURAL processes which will shape you into the blossomed “fruit you”. Only by dying can you grow into a more beautiful person (remember the saying of “no pain – no gain”?). You can’t want to be a medical doctor {or any other profession. N.B: I’m using an example close to me #wink wink#} and not be ready to go through the basic processes to achieve this dream. Sweetheart, you have to be ready to sleep at most five hours a day and yet not clear all your deadlines, you have to be ready to study, work like it’s all your fault and still be versatile (have time for your blogs, personal commitments et al). It’s not scary movie, it’s just what it is i.e for those who choose to undergo processes so they can grow beautifully to truly live.

Back to the seed illustration, when fertilizer is added to the soil, the seed grows faster, very true, BUT, what’s on the inside of the fertilised fruit isn’t as nutritious as what’s on the inside of a naturally grown seed (ask the farmers, they will tell you more).

What exactly is my point?

Don’t be in a hurry, don’t try to catalyze this transformation, don’t add artificial things to speed up the processes. God is never late, He’s always on time, trust Him to know what He is doing. Still using my student-doctor example, you can pay all you want through medschool, weldone, you must be that rich (why not just use that money to start a business instead *sigh*), all it will get you is a rich academic result with a very empty head and wasted years of course. On the outside, you may look appealing but it won’t be long before nemesis gets you.

Allow yourself to go through these processes, it’s the only way to progress!

Moral of the story: DIE! hehehe… I love you, I mean well!