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What’s my Job?


Not written in a minute or should I say I haven’t expressed my “yeye mind” in a while. I would give many reasons, but like I have been telling Fafa; nothing is an excuse! Nothing at all. We are here now, so I’ll just get to it before the ginger leaves me!

This one is something I get mixed up a lot so I decided to put my thoughts on it together.

I have been in situations where I am given a task and because of the people I have to work with to carry that task out, I get sentimental; sometimes I even quit because I really hate complications. If you are going to “give me attitude” or counter every move I make because we have to work together, abeg carry your kaya o!

I mean, I’m trying my best to cook this Jollof Rice to perfection and someone comes to frown at it like literally frown at my pot, that’s the end for me. I would think about that person’s face till probably next year and many more pots of Jollof Rice to come.

The Jollof situation is just a minute instance, there are so many cases I could give where my ‘bone of contention’ is that the people around me are not happy or impressed, I forget how much efforts I’m actually putting into it and how right I am for doing it. And most importantly, how my primary assignment is to do my job (cook the Jollof Rice) and not to look at anybody’s face (which is way secondary).

Don’t get me wrong, we need to hear the opinions of others when we are doing things. That’s how to grow and be better at what you do, by listening to advice and taking heed to corrections BUT what is very important to realize is: When you are doing your job you can’t please everybody. Your job is not to impress, your job is to know your job and do it.

“Your job is to DO YOUR JOB, not to please your boss or to please anyone else but to do your job. If your boss wants or needs to be happy, he would go to his wife” – HRH Muhammad Sanusi II

If you are asked to write names of noise makers and Titi’s name makes the list because she was making noise, she most definitely won’t be happy with you; what do you do? Next time you don’t write her name abi? So there won’t be grudges or wahala between you and her. If you don’t write her name when she makes noise, you are not only unworthy of your job, you are also insincere amidst other things.

The moral of my story is: know what is required of you and DO IT.

Your job as a student is to study and excel. If you are doing that, you sure won’t be liked by most of your classmates: Don’t let anyone dim your light just because it’s shining in their eyes. Help as much as you can but please don’t fail a test deliberately because you don’t want to be ‘unliked’.

The same way your job as a friend is to BE a friend and not to make your friend happy. I’m not saying if your friend is sad, you shouldn’t try to cheer her up o. If the only time you are a friend is when it’s time to chill, you are not doing your job.
A friend makes sure her friends are happy, that part of the job is undisputed. The problem comes when that friend’s ‘happiness’ is in doing wrong things or in things that will cause her pain eventually. If your friend is doing something wrong and you don’t talk to that friend because he or she would be offended, you are not doing your job. If you don’t tell your friend that he or she is going astray and you know it, you are not doing your job. Therefore, you are not a friend.

And of course, our primary job on earth is to serve God and please Him. He is the only boss we need to please because that’s our job!

Making sure you do your job is very difficult, therefore pleasing God is not easy. If you are going to be sharing Bible verses on social media, people will call you spirikonko and the “cool” kids might not have much to say to you. Please don’t feel left out, you are not losing anything by not being ‘cool enough’ for them.

Prepare yourself to lose friends in the process of doing your job. A friend that would want you to bend your principles for him/her is totally not worth your friendship.

Losing friends will not be easy, but give it time. You will get used to fewer friends with greater values.
The ultimate goal is making sure our jobs are done.

All that being said, my job here is done (for now). *winks*


As usual, please comment: express your views and opinions, I would love to hear your thoughts and I’m very open to constructive criticisms and good-reasoning.

Thanks a lot for reading.


12 thoughts on “What’s my Job?

  1. This article reflects a part of me! Most times, I find myself bending my standards because some people think its too high for them.
    Great piece!

  2. It really is not easy to focus completely only on getting the job done. I’m still learning myself.

    Thanks for reading Tolu! ❤

  3. I read notes and articles and always look for something to hold on to….here is what Im holding on to from this piece :
    1. Being a friend isn’t all about the jolly times, its more of being true.
    2. I need to get used to fewer friends with greater value…DEEP
    …and on a lighter note…I can’t please everyone ‘cos im not jollof rice

  4. Informative write up Moyo , I also have these experiences and it’s very sad when you try your best to make your friend happy and he can’t even stand by you when needed (very parasitic), the point it friendship shouldn’t be one sided so please be careful guys!!. .. 🙂 .

  5. Lovely article. There are a lot of friends who just tell you what u want to hear but not what you need to hear. Glad u could write something like this.

  6. hi moyo,dis article of yours is lovely.bliv me wen i tag it has tru dis part of the world its hard ooo.if u try doin ur job here u wil b tagged nd dem go plan how to fall person hand.hav learnt a lot nd u av gingerd me.i liv d part relating to God.he is our only boss.

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