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Ramblings from my heart…


Sunday was officially the best day of my life!!!

I woke up to take my bath just to realise my towel was missing, as in stolen: SERIOUSLY?!?! Oh, how I began to hiss and vex and grumble and stutter and all what not! I managed to take a bath with a substitute towel though.

Then, I was on my way to church, a 45 minute drive in a bus. Truth be told, this was the most painful bus drive I have ever experienced in my life! As in, my body was just paining me on the inside (the pain wasn’t physical; touching any part of my body or bones wouldn’t cause me pain but a vibration whatsoever including walking, lying down, running, would). For some weird reason, there were more road bumps than smooth paths during the journey… Oh my, had the gods finally located me or what??? You could just imagine my aggravated frustration.

Finally got to church and what could be worse? I could not just concentrate!!! I had never been tormented by Russian language till that day; or let’s just say that my heaping frustrations were getting the better part of me such that I totally closed my mind to whatever the pastor had to tell me. I know he said something about “faith without works is dead”.

The only thing I could think about was my badly aching body (as a result of an accident though – story for another day) and how I was dreading going back home because I would have to experience 45 minutes of extreme pain – I started crying at some point. I’m sure the pastor noticed my mood. Worst of all, the traumatologist I went to the previous day could not just understand my pain. Imagine a doctor asking me what to do about my situation and I’m like, “hey, you’re the doctor, that’s why I came to you. Oh well, an xray may be a nice try.” But even the xray showed I was in perfect health – no broken bones – thank God!

Amidst my frustrations, I started talking to God; like pouring my heart out o, hmmm. I remember also telling Him to heal me, I remember telling Him that I didn’t want to feel pain in that bus on my way back home, I remember telling Him to take this indescribable pain away from me. See, I believed in what I was telling Him o, I was ready for the “Reinhard Bonke” kinda miracle, believe me.

Right now, I’m words short! On my way back home, not even one single unit of pain did I feel. My my my, at first I thought it must have been the shock-absorbers of the bus at work. But no, my whole body was not aching anymore. As in… I could not just comprehend, I was completely overwhelmed. That’s it, He healed me, God healed me – Jehovah Rapha did it!

***Meh ga, AondoFaerenAmo tso, man me wuese un gbem shawon***

***God sure knows how to treat me right, I’ll praise Him FOREVER***


4 thoughts on “Ramblings from my heart…

  1. Ah!!!! This is what happens when daughters or sons have a conversation with their fathers. They speak, He responds, they are sensitive to that response(in your case, you were aware of His healing response, aware that “it didn’t JUST go away”; this was God) and they respond again by giving thanks and talking about it…they keep responding as they keep believing every day. Thank God for how He truly shows up when we call. Keep living in your miracle Fafa.

  2. We thank God for your miraculous healing it’s my earnest prayer that the LORD perfects you healing in whatever ailment in your body. In Jesus Name, Amen

  3. Nice! Congratulations! Aondo hemba… Things will keep getting better as long as we believe… I thank Him for His graces on you. Be strong, keep believing and never stop living the faith. Aondo faeren tso!

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