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The Essence of What Matters: “Love Says…”


So I find myself holding my pen and paper again (well, laptop or tab in today’s world), after a month or two of seeming silence; feels like a decade to me. A lot has happened, ranging from the heavy weight of school work to the students’ financial meltdown creeping in like a thief (yes oh, it’s that time of the year – I pray mummy, daddy, aunty and uncle get to read this article – hehehe wishful thinking). Enough of the rants; after all, today isn’t about me (it has never been sef), today is about someone and something else…

On Wednesday, Funmi came home from school almost in tears. I was just enjoying a snooze from the days work when she came in.

“What happened dear”?

She began narrating the story withholding tears (Funmi is a strong girl, believe me!). While trying to answer an oral test to the lecturer, she had just barely been given a chance to start talking when the lady cut her short, told her to go home, prepare again and come back another day to try her luck. But that wasn’t all, the teacher added, “I just don’t like you, I don’t want to say I hate you…” Funmi said goodbye with a strong smile and left.

WOW! Seriously?!?

Yesterday, Funmi went back to that same teacher, though she still couldn’t answer the test, she presented a flower to this teacher with a smile and said, “You may not like me, but I love you very much!” She received an applause from the crowd but more than that, Funmi received a smile from Heaven for she expressed unconditional love and maturity.


My story today is not on how better the teacher should have acted, or how badly she behaved to the student. She could have caused a moral and psychological harzard if not for the strength Funmi has in God (story for another day). My focus here is on us when we have to be the “Funmi” in such a case. What would we do?

It’s very normal for us not to want to feel cheated in life, we don’t want to “carry last”, life is more like “do me I do you”, we can’t take nonsense, we have to show this person or that person that we can’t be spoken to or treated like that… yada yada yada. But that’s not love, that’s not even a sense of responsibilty or growth!

Love says, even though we quarrel and fight, disagree on issues, I’m still here for you.

Love says, it’s not what I want but as far as it makes the other person happy, I’m happy too.

Love says, I may have tried and not gotten it, but see, you tried and you made it – I’m joyful, we did it, we won.

Love says, you may be black and I may be white, but who cares? As long as we both have same blood colour flowing through our veins, I’ve got your back anytime, anyday.

Love says, even if you hate me, detest my character and wish to see me in pain, I love you even more.

Love says, God loves me very much that He sent His only Son Jesus to die for me, so that I will live eternally – therefore I will love without holding anything back, I will love wholeheartedly and selflessly as God loves me!

Love does,
Love acts,
Love impacts,
Love is practical,
Love is real!

*Love is not foolish!!!

*The character “Funmi” is totally fictional but the story is real – it actually happened. And yes, there are still people alive in this world who would build a house for you with the bricks you’ve thrown at them. TRUE LOVE STILL EXISTS!!!



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