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Good Friday???


Why is it called a good Friday?
If on that day evil was the part we played,
And the “Good One” was slain.

Such innocent blood was shed,
By the hands of those He created.
Sinless was He,
Deserving nothing but to be set free.
Instead, He was made the sin of a world that despised Him.

Why is it called Good Friday?
When He was rejected, denied and betrayed.

We were the ones who sang HOSANNA to Him,
But see now we cry “CRUCIFY HIM”.
Indeed His only crime was LOVE!

His love for us took Him to that cross.
On the way to Calvary He took those lashes,
To give the filthy beauty for ashes.
Hanging on the tree,

As He gave His last breath,
Suddenly it became as dark as hell on earth.
The veil was torn,
The moon red as blood.
Dark was the sky.

“Truly He is the Son of God!!!
Oh what have we done?!?
We all killed Him, now all Hope is gone!”

But no! It’s not over yet.
Actually He just started.
This is just day-1,
For the Resurrection day comes.

Yes He lived to die,
But He died to give Life.
On the third day He rose from the dead.


Hell is defeated.
This “New Life” is to those who’ll surrender
And open up their hearts for Him to enter.

So truly it is a good day,
A day when all our sins were washed away.
This day and every other day would never be good until you cry out in repentance,
And open up your heart in acceptance,
Stand before the cross and embrace His love and grace,
It’s for our sake the Lamb was slain.
Oh Happy day – GOOD FRIDAY!

Daniel Ichechi


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