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Strong on Pentecost
But weak on the cross
Strong in celebration,
But weak on contemplation
Strong on rejoicing, weak on reflection
Strong on vocalising, weak on meditation.

Strong on power and authority
Weak on submssion and humility
Strong on the place of noise and shouts
But weak on the role of silence in the formation of the saints
Strong on external forms of spirituality
But weak on renewal.

Strong on deeds
But weak on being
Strong on faith
But weak on patience
Strong on the gifts of the spirit
But weak on the fruit of the spirit.

Gullible on prosperity
But frugal on integrity
Gullible on possessing
But frugal on renouncing
Strong on self gratification
But weak on self sacrifice.

This strange gospel
Strong on zeal, but weak on knowledge and purity
Turned from faith in GOD
To faith in FAITH!

Did someone once say:
“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you?”

This strange gospel says:
“Seek ye first the riches of this world and the fullness thereof, and the kingdom of God shall be added unto you”



A-T -4-G!

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