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CALLED TO BEAR FRUIT: A Camp Experience!



I had never ever seen something as powerful and mighty as this before…


Praise like never before…
Worship like never before…
Prayer like never before…

Kai, words are very insignificant at this moment, you won’t just understand;

Teachings like never before…
Prophecy like never before…
Youths like never before!!!

My, my, my, I can’t just explain this feeling. It was a youth Christian winter camp, my first of it’s kind ever attended and I must admit, MY BEST ever!

A place where you meet over two hundred young people (male and female alike) on fire and agile for God – ah, I never expected it!

These people had active hearts, they never got tired; it was really cold, snow fell daily and the weather wasn’t as friendly as the youths were but, at the sound of the slightest drum and voice, they were up dancing, jumping and singing… aye mi o! Joy unspeakable, feeling indescribable, expressions untamable… I never see dis kyn Christianity before o!


Or is it the aspect of prayer? They relented never, one hour, two hours even three and the fire was even greater with every passing moment. Chei, come and see different gifts and passions: prophecy, tongues, interpretation of these tongues, hospitality and a lot more… walahi talahi, I never see dis kyn Christianity before o!


Or is it the aspect of relationships, friendships and love? These people were not afraid to reach out. “Hello dear, what’s your name? Hi dear, how are you today, did you sleep well? Wasup, have you eaten?” Love all around in the air, no forming. Mo gbe, I never see dis kyn Christianity before o!


I can’t even completely describe this experience in words; it is a “must-feel”. I was mightily touched, inspired and set on fire.

The theme “Called To Bear Fruits” was a divine unction basically teaching me to first be a DISCIPLE, then be FRUITFUL (John 15:8). Don’t be decieved, you aren’t too little for God’s use and glory. Get up, bear fruits for God and IMPACT2015!


N.B: this piece was inspired by a just concluded winter camp hosted annually by Students For Christ (SFC) in Russia. I urge every student studying in Russia to attend just one of these camps – the experience is simply beautiful and blissful. And for those in other parts of the world, Christian camping is a wonderful experience – never hesitate to go when invited, it may just be exactly what you need for your breakthrough and sprouting!


*chai, chei, kai, aye mi o, mo gbe, walahi talahi – Nigerian expressions for exclamation and emphasis.



A-T -4-G!

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