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Busy Body!!! {who sent you???}

Have you ever seen a janitor doing the job of a cook, or an engineer doing the doctor’s job??? Then why do believers of The Word spend useful time arguing the Word? Do you not know that you are called as witnesses for God, have you forgotten or are you just plain ignorant? Arguing the Word to see who is right or wrong wouldn’t profit a man (woman) anything at all {I call it taking “panadol” for another person’s headache} 😀 Infact it’s one of the devil’s loopholes to trap believers as it steals away valuable time (remember that the devil comes mainly to STEAL – steal your time, kill your burning desire for progress and of course eventually destroy you). If you know or remember the reason why you’ve been called, I bet you would never ever in your life time or the next argue with ignorant people about God. Only the Bible should be your guideline and reference when confused. So don’t come asking if wearing trousers as a lady is right or wrong, if tying scarf over your head in church is correct or not, if young people should date, if we are to pay tithes of pocket money or what I think about pastors who “you THINK” are living extravagantly, (who even made you the judge of this world sef)…cause instead of giving you answers that would stir up an argument and steal our joy, I’d just refer you to the Bible to look up what God has said about so so and so. Please do remember (for those who have forgotten) and know (for those who have been ignorant): we are called as believers to be WITNESSES and NOT attorneys (Acts 1:8; 8:25). Witnesses only testify about what they’ve seen and heard. Our only ATTORNEY is Jesus Christ who argues all cases and is our mediator. You can’t force the Word or your belief about it on people, that’s the job of the Holy Spirit who ministers to each and every one of us differently. When confused or in doubt, consult and study your Bible well (trust me all your life’s answers are in there). Leave the arguments for unbelievers and unenlightened people. Testify to the world God’s goodness, faithfulness and wonders in your life! #Proudly A Teen 4 God#

A-T -4-G!

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