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Review of “A Teen for God” book by Professor David Ker

TITLE: A Teen for God

AUTHOR: Miss Faeren M. Adzege

BOOK REVIEWER: Professor David Ker

PUBLISHERS: Sevhage; An imprint of Vershage Enterprises, Abuja.


PAGES: About 100

NUMBER OF CHAPTERS: No chapter divisions, rather the book is auspiciously given soul enlivening headings.                                                        

PRICE: =N=1,000.00, $6.50, £4.00 per copy



                This book is very auspicious and extremely timely; most especially as it comes out at the time modern science and technological advancement in cybernetics, computer and the internet are fast encroaching on our cultural, ethical and religious value systems; a time when people no longer remember God except when they are confronted with the travails of every day existence, namely poverty, disease, social afflictions, imprisonment, frustrations, wars and pestilences. Nowadays, parents forget totally the moral upbringing of their children or leave their obligations to surrogate parents or even to house helps.

                The penchant for affluence, wealth and the good tidings of this world rule over our lives. And wherein, lies the wealth of this book which is really a teenage guide to good Christian living. The book is completely written with great inspiration that lays a solid foundation in all ramifications of godliness; namely, prayer enlivened by a quotation from Marjorie Holmes, Humility, God’s Commandments etc. The book further delves into the psychological basis for teenage behavior, actions and decisions which often impact either positively or negatively on the later adult life.  These themes explored are laced with apt quotations. The book is quite illustrative of the themes therein included; even though superficially discussed within the realms of child psychology analysed with adult wisdom.

                As it is, the book succinctly summed up by a father who has been made proud by a child that has made it at a very tender age:

My teenage daughter, just thru’

Secondary education and awaiting

Commencement of tertiary institution

Has written an over one hundred

Page book on vices that give

Birth to moral decadence usually

Associated with growing youngsters

And even old alike in some cases

She has also provided, I think,

Divine solution for those who will

Care to read and imbibe it so as

To live a life on this earth that

Is acceptable to God almighty.

                Good words. How many of us parents can say this about the accomplishment of our children? Many of us are aware of the cultist activities of our children. Many are into secret societies, armed robbery, most are lazy clots, hangers on, thugs, motor park touts, rogues, prostitutes, sluts with no future at all.

                This book implies all these vices without pointing accusing fingers at the adult world. The book points out all these vices without moralizing. Rather, it is an inspirational call for teens to jettison the attractions of life and to remain focused on the things of God, remembering His love for mankind especially His desire that all should come to an understanding of Him and walk towards their salvation.

                We are not to intellectualise the issues of this book whose purpose is not entirely academic. Rather, we should solely accept the author’s views as “A Teen for God” is an inspirational piece set to analyse teen problems as well as show the diverse ways to have clean and exciting fun in the “Christiandom”- and accept it as such.

                Faeren Matilda Adzege has made her mark under God’s inspiration. May the same Spirit inspire us all to read and abide by her tenets – Amen!

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