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Hiya pals, hope y’all are doing good. Emm, I’m kinda new to this stuff so please pardon any fidgety attitude :) phewww, where do I start???

…I’m Miss Faeren Matilda Adzege (an amiable teen), author of ‘A Teen For God’ book and founder of ‘A Teen For God’ project a.k.a A-T-4-G. I’ve found a hobby in reading and obeying God and His Word. Since I can no longer keep the joy I’ve experienced from walking with God, bursting open (sharing His Word) is the only choice I’ve got. Well, the Q&As below would give you an insight about what this teen thingy is; serving God is sooo much fun. Enjoy!


Q: What inspired A-T-4-G?

A desire to share with teens experiences from a teenage view to encourage them to live right.

Q: How did it all start?

A dream- yes, a day-dream. I woke up from sleep one afternoon and discovered I had been battling directly in a physical mouth combat with the devil taking the form of my cousin. We were arguing about exam malpractice and he was trying to make me see the not-so-evil/sinful thing about it. I rose and then began to pen down a little piece of writing. After some time, I saw the urge in me to expand it to a book so that what I knew won’t remain in me but be spread to the world.

Q: What’s the summary of A-T-4-G book in one sentence?

                A teenage guide for pre-teens, teens and post-teens aimed at helping us live right and achieving a steady, friendly, beautiful walk with God.

Q: Why would you give the book the title ‘A Teen For God’ and immediately after, state that it’s a guide for pre-teens, teens and post-teens; isn’t it sort of contradictory?

Well, looking at things from the physical, ‘English’ wise, the statements sure do contradict themselves. But from my view (which isn’t physical), they don’t. The latter statement there is written from the view of the future, present and past i.e. a pre-teen reading this book would hold on to these facts for future purposes, the teen reading this guide holds on to it for present help while the post-teen would be humble enough to use this guide to evaluate his/her past life till now and shape it. Also the post-teen holds onto these facts in order to treat teens the best way possible.

Q: Why the name A-T-4-G, why not ‘A Youth for God’ or any other thing else?

Hmm, I earnestly believe it is a God-breathed inspired name; it was a spontaneous thing. Coincidentally, ‘T’ holds a very strong significance in Christianity. The Cross being a Tree and also being in the shape of a ‘t’! So, the name is in recognition of the specialness of the ‘T’ and those the vision is directed towards (teens).

Q: What are the goals of A-T-4-G as a book and a group?

The sole goal of A-T-4-G as a book and group is to focus the thoughts of today’s teen in line with God’s precepts (not to be religious) living real lives that emulate God’s will also acknowledging the setbacks, temptations and troubles of life; overcoming such issues and being winners. It is aimed at making a perfect teen who is that imperfect person that is tempted, makes mistakes, commits sins, learns from all these as he/she walks hand-in-hand with God.

Q: How is A-T-4-G project funded?

Freewill donations and contributions.

Q: If I have a parcel for A-T-4-G book in monetary terms, who do I give?

That’s simple, you can send it to the founder’s account detailed:

Name of Bank: First Bank of Nigeria.

Account Title: Adzege Faeren Matilda

Account Number: 2020740698

Q: How do I find A-T-4-G customer care?

                Follow us on twitter @A_T_4_G visit our Facebook group (A Teen For God), like our facebook page or send an email to: For one on one discussion, email as led by the Holy Spirit any of these persons:

Faeren Adzege:

Hadassah Hussaini:

Enis Olorunnipa:

Ruth Ebe:

Michael Ayede:

Su’eddie Agema:


As a Teen-bassador for Christ, the…

Mission: To make a responsible and Christianed tomorrow’s adult out of every today’s teen.

Vision: Creating a sane and healthy environment, having fun the right way and helping one another grow.

Motto: You’ve got to have a THING for God, to be a TEEN for God!

Audience: All pre-teens, teens and post-teens around the world who’ve got a thingy for Christ!

Equipment needed: A loving, God-dwelling heart that yearns to have a walk with God and know Him deeper. No pretence, we’re human, we face temptations and we’ve got flaws- it is how we tackle our flaws and overcome temptation that makes us T’s-4-G so please, keep it real. If you are really interested, you can request to be added to the group on facebook.

God bless us all as we commit and dedicate our lives to serve Him fully… Amen!

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